Oct 28, 2013

[converse & lollipops]

There is a major lack of models for me to photograph, so I planned on taking some self-portraits outside. However, the weather did not cooperate. Undeterred, I took some pictures of myself anyway. Inside. In front of my bedroom door. Laugh all you want.:P My friend made fun of me; she thought it was so weird. But I actually really likes these picture because they are so me. Big, unruly hair. No makeup. Red converse. Bright colors. Lollipop. That sums me up.


  1. Love the pictures! They're so cute! x

  2. Cool pictures, I love them! That lolly Pop is awesome!

  3. Love the pictures. You are soo pretty!

  4. LOVE your shoes! soooo much! and your skirt. and lollipop. And BTW you don't have unruly hair, I have what I 'fondly' call a White Person Fro'... ya... its like that ;P

    Love, Hannah Michelle


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